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The coast and its surroundings

The residence is located in the Cardedu area, on the seafront in front of the large and wide beach of Perdepera  beach more than 2 km long, with lots of sand and crystal clear water.

Even in August the beach is not crowded and there are never space problems either in the free beach or in the stretches of beach in concession to the small "establishments" that offer the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Cardedu is located in the heart of Ogliastra, a beautiful area with a spectacular coast and a mountainous hinterland, close to the sea, rich in naturalistic beauties.

In the surroundings of Cardedu, reachable in a few minutes by car, there are many beaches, among the most beautiful in all of Sardinia. Here are the ones that we think are the most beautiful in the immediate vicinity:

  • Su Sirboni, about 4 km from the Residence: a spectacular cove with white sand and shallow, crystalline water surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub and bordered by the characteristic red rocks;

  • Cea, about 10 km away: an arc (1 km long) of clear and thin beach with an emerald sea;

  • Lido di Orrì, about 14 km away: a series of small coves with very fine white sand, shallow and turquoise water, marked by the characteristic gray granite "panettone".


Ogliastra is a territory with a particularly rich and diversified gastronomy. With a narrow territory between the mountains of Gennargentu and the coast of the Gulf of Orosei, it presents products and dishes typical of the agro-pastoral and seafaring tradition.

Ogliastra is the land of Cannonau, the most typical wine of Sardinian enology. Several wineries offer quality bottles.

The tradition of bread-making and pasta is also great: from "su pistoccu", bread baked twice and crunchy, to "su moddizzosu", durum wheat semolina focaccia with the addition of potatoes, up to the stuffed bread of sa cocoi prena, sa cocoi de cipudda and de tamata.

Among the excellent cheeses pecorino, caprini and the typical casu axedu cheese similar to Greek feta.

A symbolic dish of Ogliastra are culurgionis: small bundles of pasta filled with a mixture of mountain potatoes, viscidu (a salty pecorino cheese similar to Greek feta) and mint. Particularly the closure by hand with the characteristic "spighitta" that makes each single culirgioni similar to an ear of wheat.


The large spit roasts, made with meat from animals raised in free pasture in the hilly and mountainous areas, and the excellent fresh fish of the gulf, usually cooked in a simple way, given the genuineness of the raw material, make up the main course of the meal.

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